About Me

Nature/Wildlife, Landscape photography, Real Estate photography based in Prescott, Quad Cities Area, AZ.

I have been doing photography for many years and about a year ago I had creative blocks.  In an attempt to break thru that block, I bought some canvas and paints (even though I don’t know how to draw) and just started painting.  I was surprised that I what drew looked like something lol.  Flowers on cactus.  It was then I was hooked.  

My art is with acrylic paints and I really enjoy pour painting. I have been given an airbrush as a gift so am learning that and enjoying every step of the way. 

Throughout the years my photography has evolved and I’m sure my art will too.  Eventually, I plan on using both photography and art to express my observations on what I see in the world.  This may or may not be controversial or be triggering for some.    I believe that art needs to create an emotion in the one who is looking at it. Art is there to challenge one’s perspective, to challenge the status quo. 

This my passion and it's also how I make a living. If you see anything you like or would be a great gift, contact me. Or if you just want to support me, you can do so here: